Mission and Goals

Jina Gunduy’s mission is to enable people on Palm Island to transform the local economy, care for country and nurture individual and community well-being.

Our vision is to have community members:

  • Engaged in a vibrant local economy, where people have choices about how to lead a good life.
  • Rebuilding cultural knowledge and values within the community, including kinship structures, respect for elders/heads of families, the creation of communal spaces and the restoration of traditional learning and cultural practices as sources of strength and resilience.
  • Living comfortably, confident that they have the resources needed to live healthy and happy lives; local people designing and building housing that is suitable for families, the environment and conditions on Palm Island. People learning how to care for and maintain their homes and grounds to help minimise housing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Involved in sustainable education and training opportunities that are available and accessible to all people on Palm Island; training, life-skills and whole-community cultural learning integrated into schooling and adult life.
  • With a hopeful vision for Palm Island, with all the support and mentoring they need, and with the space to explore meaningful life-work, to build purpose and self-esteem.
  • With access to an effective meeting place, where different generations of men, women and children can come together as a community and find meaningful work, cultural and craft projects, activities and enjoyment.
  • Engaged in long term work programs and solutions; locally created, designed and implemented from the ground-up; a peoples’ movement to work without control from governments or external agencies; a dynamic, living, place and body of work.